Jerry Bessent, Helge Rognstad, Ian Robinson. The original line-up (Photo by J.Cumpsty, 2016) (click image for high-resolution photo).

Formed in 2006 London as a duo by guitarist & vocalist Helge Rognstad and drummer Ian Robinson, The Fluffy Jackets gained some favorable live reviews, performing in central London-venues over a 3 year period.

The first Fluffy Jackets EP was recorded in June 2007 at Cowshed Studio in North London with the assistance of renowned producer Teo Miller (Blur, Happy Mondays). This EP is notable for featuring a special guest appearance by Neil Murray (Whitesnake, Black Sabbath). The bass player Jerry Bessent would later join the band for live performances.

The Fluffy Jackets signed a recording contract with Cargo Records in 2013. By this time, drummer Nick Rhodes had taken over the drum stool while some very special guests were recruited to complete their first album at the 1950’s birthplace of rock’n’roll - Sun Studio in Memphis TN.

The Fluffy Jackets at Sun Studio, Memphis USA: L-R: Manny Charlton, Robert Hall, Helge Rognstad & Neil Murray (Photo by M. Trobee 2011) (click image for high-resolution photo).

The debut album 'Fighting Demons' was released in 2014 and featured special guests Neil Murray (Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, Brian May), Manny Charlton (Nazareth), and Robert Hall (Jerry Lee Lewis). Other guests on the Fighting Demons record included the renowned UK blues-harmonica player Steve "West" Weston and Swedish vocalist Emil Gammeltoft (SKoR).

Engineered by Grammy-winner Matt Ross Spang (Rival Sons, Jason Isbell) and co-produced by guitarist Manny Charlton (Nazareth), the 'Fighting Demons' album became a critical success, winning the "Best Studio Album of the Year" award, voted by the listeners of The Blues Hour radio show (UK and France). The first single "Why Don't You Smile" was distributed inside Classic Rock Magazine issue #194 on a CD compilation called "Sharp Shooters" and subsequently received major airplay in Europe and USA.

The Fluffy Jackets in 2016 (L-R): Helge Rognstad, Nick Rhodes, Jerry Bessent in Cordoba, Spain (photo by Manny Charlton, 2016) (click image for high-resolution photo).

In 2016, The Fluffy Jackets announced their intention to release a sophomore album with Manny Charlton on board as the producer and co-writer. The proceeds of the first single '44 Blues' was released in support of the staff at Metal Hammer and Classic Rock Magazine who were made redundant without pay in December 2016.

After three years in the making (at Madmento Studio in Spain), 'Something from Nothing' was released in August 2019. The album included a tribute to Glen Campbell with the song “Better Place”, featuring Alison Cooper on duet vocals. The accompanying Making-Of documentary DVD celebrated the band's decade long history with retrospective interviews with band members, including the special guests Neil Murray (Whitesnake) and Manny Charlton (Nazareth).

2021 (L-R): Leif Knashaug (The Halloween Project) & Helge Rognstad (The Fluffy Jackets) (Photo by K. Gyenese, 2021)  (click image for high-resolution photo).

The Fluffy Jackets joined forces with fellow Norwegian band The Halloween Project to record a surprise for Manny Charlton on his 80th birthday, 25 July 2021. The tribute consisted of two Nazareth covers ("Telegram" and "Ship of Dreams") and included special guests Ronni Le Tekrø (TNT) and Neil Murray (Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, Brian May).

The Fluffy Jackets has announced the release of their third full-length album "The Rise And Fall Of The Songwriter" on the 17th of May 2024. The album includes the single "The Well Is Dry" featuring LA-based slide guitarist Matt Bradford and a cover of a Steve Earle song called "Goodbye", recorded in memory of their mentor and producer Manny Charlton who sadly passed away in 2022. The new album was produced by lead vocalist / guitarist Helge Rognstad who is joined by long-time collaborator Neil Murray on bass, along with Matija Bajtal on drums plus a special guest appearance by the Scottish guitarist Liam Creedon from Abberdeen, Scotland.  

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