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In loving memory: Manny Charlton (1941-2022)
RIP Manny Charlton (1941-2022)

5 Manny Charlton guitar stories 
The Fluffy Jackets Sound Studio
The Fluffy Jackets Sound Studio
Studio workflow and mixing
Software plugins used on The Fluffy Jackets album, released 2024
Audio software plugins
The story behind "Ship of Dreams" and "Telegram", the 80th birthday tribute to Manny Charlton July 2022Making of "Ship" and "Telegram"
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Guitars, Amplifiers, Pedals
Guitars, amps and pedals

Learn more about the places we have recorded, our equipment and how our recordings came to life. 

The Fluffy Jackets' album release "Something from Nothing" (2019)  included a documentary highlighing the band history along with interviews, live performances and four new music videos.
The Fluffy Jackets documentary
The "making-of" The Fluffy Jackets' documentary DVD from 2019.
Making a "making-of" movie
Gibson Flying V guitar, previously owned by Manny Charlton (Nazareth), used on "Play'n The Game" (1976) and "Expect No Mercy" (1977).A famous Gibson Flying V 1975
Story about recording "Hey Porter" at Unit 2 in Acton UK (released for the online version of Someting from Nothing in 2019)
Recording at Unit 2 Studios, Acton
Survival Studio in Acton closed in 2018Survival Studio in Acton close
Recording vocal overdubs for "Better Place" at Westpoint Studio in Acton, UK
Recording at Westpoint Studios, Acton
The Fluffy Jackets' Sun Studio session, feat. Manny Charlton (Nazareth), Neil Murray (Whitesnake) and Rob Hall (Jerry Lee Lewis' Killer Band).
The Fluffy Jackets at Sun Studio
Read more about Sun Studio, owned and operated by Sam Philips in the 1950's
Sun Studio history, Memphis TN
In 2019, The Fluffy Jackets conducted a guitar shoot-out. Here are the results
A guitar shoot out!
The Million Dollar Quarted - Elvis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash & Roy Orbison. A Sun Studio story.
The Million Dollar Quartet
1st of two sessions at The Cowshed recording studio, Myddleton Rd, London, NW10, tracking for the Fighting Demons (2014) album.
The Fluffy Jackets at Cowshed #1
Recording at The Cowshed studio, tracking for the "Fighting Demons" (2014) album. Myddleton Road, London NW10.
The Fluffy Jackets at Cowshed #2
More about Joe Leach his Cowshed Studio in NW10
About The Cowshed
Parichat Mekmannee commissioned to paint the "Fighting Demons" cover (2014 album release)
Chasing dragons (the art)
More about the place where The Fluffy Jackets started (along with Jimmy Hendrix, The Who, Deep Purple, among others). It must be something in the water..
Ealing / Hanwell (where it started)