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The Rise And Fall Of The Songwriter (Digital Music Download) (2024)

The Rise And Fall Of The Songwriter (Digital Music Download) (2024)

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"The Rise and Fall of The Songwriter" record features an international cast of musicians and is available as a free download at The Fluffy Jackets' new online store The nostalgic opener "Waterloo Bridge" evokes the pop-sensibilities reminiscent of 1960's material from The Kinks, while ballads like "Now That She Is Gone" takes listeners on a poignant journey through themes of loss and longing. Fans of the band's signature blues rock sound will also find plenty to love with songs such as "When The Telephone Rings" and "The Well Is Dry", delivering the type of gritty blues that The Fluffy Jackets have become renowned for. 

Track listing:
1. Waterloo Bridge
2. Red Sky
3. Goodbye 
4. Now That She Is Gone (feat. Liam Creedon)
5. When The Telephone Rings
6. The Well Is Dry (feat. Matt Bradford)
7. I Think Too Much (feat. Matt Bradford)
8. Black Magic And Bad Choices
9. Ship Of Dreams (feat. The Halloween Project)

Helge Rognstad - vocals, guitars
Neil Murray (Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, Gary Moore, Brian May) - bass
Matija Bajtal - drums

Special Guests
Matt Bradford - slide guitar on The Well Is Dry and I Think Too Much
Liam Creedon - lead guitar on Now That She Is Gone
Leif Knashaug (The Halloween Project) - duet vocals on Ship of Dreams
Mark Cochrane - backing vocals on Red Sky
Annette Rognstad - backing vocals on Red Sky

Produced by:  Helge Rognstad

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